Medicode Brand Development

In 1992 I started working with Med-Index, a company who specialized in training medical professionals how to properly use medical coding systems. As the company grew, it became clear that the brand was as confusing as the industry they worked in. Medicode was selected as the new name and I was asked to develop the identity elements and the overall branded look.

Most professional coders are women, but the industry standard for coding books was as visually interesting as an IRS form. It was completely unappealing to the target audience.

We set out to change all that, and the rising sales told us that we were on the right track. But, when Medicode's competitors started imitating our approach, we really knew we were moving in the right direction.

Eventually, Medicode's biggest competitor decided to quit competing and to join in. Ingenix bought Medicode and the operations and products of the two companies merged.

I was retained by Ingenix, a Virginia based company, for several years after the merger.

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